FPSC Gateway to Profibus DP


  • Enclosed serial cable connection to FPSC  and FPSC-Profibus-DP attach.
  • Operating voltage and ground terminal of the FPSC Profibus DP attach.
  • Set the Profibus ID by means of the integrated rotary coding switch.
  • Set the Terminierungs switches depending upon position of the equipment in the network on ON or OFF place.

Description of function

The FPSC-Profibus-DP Gateway uses the complete data capacity of ProfibusDP, that is 244 byte and supports all speeds up to a maximum of 12 Mbit/s. The complete performance range of a Profibus Slave is supported by FPSC-Profibus-DP. For the Profibus-connection a 9-pole D-SUB connector is provided, the connection of the serial side is made through screw-plug-connector. The Profibus ID can set by means of the integrated rotary coding switch. A large number of diagnosis LEDs signal the state of the device on the Profibus-side as well as on the serial side.

Technical data

power supply10,8 bis 30 Volt DC
Protection against incorrect polarity, short circuit and overload integrated
Current consumptionTyp. 120mA, max. 150mA
protection of the....IP24
Dimensions ( BxTxH in mm )90 x 127 x 55
ambient operation temperature-20°C to +55°C "no condensation"


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