EU2K 500 / 2


  • 2-beam-safety light-grid
  • simple installation due to active and passive functional units
  • cabeling on only one side of the unit
  • plug-in active functional unit
  • range up to 10 meters
  • 500mm beam spacing


The safety light grid EU2K 500/2 is an electro-sensitive protective device (ESPE) and designed for protection of persons from accidents. This is realized by protecting the hazardous sites and areas, enabling any access to hazard inhibiting parts of the machine only by crossing the protective field createdby the light barrier. When entering the protective field, the light beams are interrupted and the machine will be reliably stopped.


Safety light grids EU2K 500/2 are caracterized by:

  • examination by the German technical surveyor authorities (TÜV)
  • approval by the German employer`s liability insurance association (BG)
  • compliance with safety category 4, EN61496

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EU2K 500 / 2

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