Light grid barriers ULVT 500 / 2R

Field of application

    • metal presses for wood, plastic, rubber, leather, glass processing
    • filter presses
    • folding and bending machines
    • injection moulding machines
    • machining centres and welding presses
    • pick-and-place machines
    • robots, palettizers
    • protecting storages
    • doors and gates etc.

Safety class 4 safety light-grid


Safety light grids ULVT 500/2 R are characterized by:

  • examination by the German technical surveyor authorities (TÜV)
  • compliance with safety category 4, EN61496
  • built-in self-monitoring device without auxiliary circuitry
  • integrated switching unit features valve control, restart interlock
  • compact, sturdy structural shape
  • simple installation and adjustment
  • EEx-P optionally available

Function description

The interruption of the hazardous motion is realized by a discretely built sequential safety circuitry. For various protection measures, application-optimized switching units of the LSUW series are available.

Technical Data

detection range:8m
voltage:24 VDC Steckeranschluss
response time:6ms
max. Schaltstromswitching current500 mA

adjustment display and reading of soiling degree integrated in the receiver/ transmitter unit


Product nameDocumentation
ULVT 500/2GerätebeschreibungPDF-------
MutingBeschreibung der Mutingfunktion im Bereich der UnfallschutzlichtschrankenPDF-------


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