Light curtains TLVT


  • integrated control-unit with contactor control and restart activatable by DIP switches activatable
  • contactor/valves directly connectablly, switching capacity 0,5A/24V
  • smallest safety distances by short response times 6 ms to 25 ms, depending of the protection high
  • smallest obstacle recognition of 14mm up to 7m range
  • hand protection up to detection range of 24 m, recognition of smallest obstacles(30 mm)
  • protection heights of 100mm to 1900mm
  • microprocessor monitoring of the safety functions
  • self-monitoring semiconductor outputs with line interruption monitoring, short-circuit- and side current passages check.
  • built in selfdiagnostic with error display
  • minimum safety distance due to short response times, between 5 ms and 25 ms, depending on constructional lenght
  • protective system IP65


The light curtain correspond to the highest safety regulations:
Safety Integrity Level SIL 1 (IEC 61508) 
Performance Level PL c (ISO 13849-1)
Safety category cat. 2 (EN 954-1)

Function description

Integrated connector plug in connector cover

Operating mode

Technical data