Safety contact mats STM

Contact mats are used on...

  • machines, plants and robotic systems where the areas of danger are unchecked accessed
  • plants where the presence of a person at a certain position is necessary
  • elevators, in order to prevent the unallowed entering of the elevator roof
  • building entrances
Standart mats
Running coverEPDMAluminiumhigh grade steel
stylenap covercheckered coverteardrop metal steel
Material thickness3 mm3,5 mm2,7 mm
Delivery length2,35m x 1,35 m2,35m x 1,35 m2,35m x 1,35 m
Dimensionsavailable on request !
Weight Kg/m(2)157 + Aluminium cover11,6 + high grade steel cover

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(optional with cast ramp rail available)
AL - Ramp rail RS14

AL - End rail BS 14

Fiessler Safety mats and Switch gear correspond to the following safety regulations.

Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 (IEC 61508)
Performance Level PL d (ISO 13849-1)
Safety category cat. 3 (EN 954-1)

Functional description

The contact-making surfaces make contact in the event of external forces acting on the mat and the resistance is bridged. This immediately causes a signal within the electronics that is then given as a potential-free output for contact-making by the relay. The entire switching arrangement is monitored at the same time for cable rupture or manipulation.

simple assembly

The underground is finally drilled and suitable fastening means to save the circulation edge are attached. The wiring of the switching mats to the end judging device is just as simple since only two connection wires are available for the complete system. Only a minimum of technical experiences is therefore required. An illustrated Operating instructins is available.

Safety Switchgear SK 41/322 RLU

The single-channel SK 41-322 RLU switchgear finds application in the evaluation of safety contact mats as well as in providing security of pinch and shear points caused by safety contact edges and safety bumpers. The switchgear is designed in accordance with EN 954-1 for Category 3. In order to meet Category 3 requirements, the switchgear has been designed to be redundant, diversified, and equipped with two safety relays which query each other and are force guided. In order to permit the quiescent current of the circuit element to be monitored, a terminal resistor has been integrated in the signal transmitter. When the desired quiescent current is flowing, the output relay is activated and the switching contact is closed. If the signal transmitter is activated or the safety circuit is interrupted, the relay switching contact opens. The switch states of the relays and the applied circuit voltage are indicated by LEDs. 

Technical data

Supply voltage: 230 V AC, 24 V AC / DC
Power consumption: 3 W
Kontakte: 2 Öffner, 250 V / 5 A
Zusatzkontakt: 1 Schließer, 250 V / 2 A
Protection class: IP 40 for the housing and IP 20 for the terminals


Safety contact mats STMOperating InstructionsPDFPDF------
Safety Relay STM STK41-322 RLUOperating ManualPDFPDF------
Safety contact mats STMComputation safety marginPDF-------
Safety contact mats STMForm for safety mat offerPDF-------
Safety contact mats STMDrawing mat ConnectorPDF-------
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Safety contact mats

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