Safety laser scanner FLSC-S3S / ...

  • Protective field <= 4m Radius, optionally<= 7m
  • Warning field <= 49m Radius
  • Detection is dependent on the reflectivity
  • 190° scanning angle
  • the contour of the protective field can be monitored
1) Warning field 2) Protective field

Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 (IEC/EN 61508)
Performance Level PL d (ISO 13849-1)
Safety category cat. 3 (IEC/EN 61496)


In every recognition area a protective field can be fixed.The form of the protective field is independently eligible resp. programmable: The delivered with communication software enables to fix the form of the respective protective field with a PC on your own. The coordinates of the protective fields are saved in the Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC. The Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC compares themeasured datas with the saved protective fields,and recognizes, if a object is in a protective field.

If the emitting beam meets a object inside the working field (person or thing ),he will be reflected. A part of the reflected diffuse radiation is collected by the receiving part of the Proximity Laser Scanner FLSC.

Area of application

Access protection:
The access is monitored permanently. For safety the floor is used as a reference.

Technical data

 FLSC-S3S/4m/Kab optional FLSC-S3S/7m/KAB
scanning angle:190°
Laser protection class:Laser class 1(21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, DIN EN 60 825:2001)
field set, comprising protective field and warning field1
Scanning range:Protective field max.: 4m or 7m 
Warning field max. 49m
resolution:>= 30mm in the protective field (depending on response time and Scanning range)
response time:>=60ms
Supply voltage (SELV):16.8-28.8 V DC
Electrical connection:Plug-in connection housing with screw terminal connections
safety outputs:2 x Output signal switching device(OSSDs)
diagnostic outputs:1xobject in warning field // 1xreset required // 1x error/contamination
Inputs:1x Reset / 1x EDM
Total weight:3300 g
Enclosure rating:Enclosure rating IP 65 (EN 60529)
Operating temperature range:-10..+50°C


Optional safety switching unit ULSG available. ULSG - connection voltage: 230V/115V/24V and relay outputs. On demand, additional special switching units providing terminals for up to 4 scanners can be provided.

With the aid of mounting kit 3 (only in conjunction with mounting kits 1 and 2) you can mount the FLSC such that the scan plane is parallel to the mounting surface. This enables stable floor mounting or ensures that mounting kit 2 remains precisely adjustable cross-wise on uneven wall surfaces.

With the aid of mounting kit 2 (only in conjunction with mounting kit 1) you can align the FLSC in two planes. The maximum adjustment angle is ±11° in both planes.

With the aid of mounting kit 1 you can mount the FLSC indirectly on the mounting surface. This is always necessary if you cannot drill through the mounting surface from the rear.

Dimensional drawings


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