Muting controller PLSG K

Safety Integrity Level SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
Performance Level PL e (ISO 13849-1)
Safety category cat. 4 (EN 954-1)

Funtional description

 that there is no space for entering the area between material and safety light barrier, or if there is no hazardous movement. Application fields are e.g. safeguarding of pallettizers, narrow-aisle storage facilities, fork lift access areas, manufacturing cells, bending presses, rubber presses, presses with automatic material feeders, etc ...


Muting- controllerMuting- controllerUniversal- controller
Muting(Bridging) with Muting time monitoring+++If material is conveyed through the protective field, or if, due to manufacturing conditions, in a certain sector of the work cycle any stopping during interruption of the protective field must be excluded.
Delayed end of Muting-++Manipulation safe Muting if conveyed material flow exits the dangerous zone towards the outside.
Immediate end of Muting when protective field is cleared again-++State of Muting remains only as long as it is basically required
contactor- and valve controlwithwith / withoutwith / without-
restart interlockwithwith / withoutwith / without-
restart interlock only during the dangerous movement--+Activation of Start button is necessary only if , during the dangerous movement, the protctive field has been interrupted
cycle control--+(1 to 4 work cycles) Control of the machine is defined by the working rhythm of the operator.
Emergency OFF circuit monitoring--+-
Two-hand start--+-
two level output turn-off delay-++Output OSSD 2 switches Off delayed, and OSSD 1 and OSSD3 switches off undelayed for safety reevant variable speed drives, e.g. robot safeguarding , are utilized.
display-++2 X 8 Words Display
BLVT-Light grid barriers. Fading out functions 11 kinds of protection field fading ou--+during first or rarely changed fading out the protection field fading out in the light grid barrier takes place via unique programming with the Hex-schwitches after a tension RESET. The fading out function remains stored in the light grid barrier up to a new programming
Option... R 2 safety relays+++switching contacts floating: 4 normally open contacts, 2 openers and 2 x of 2 normally open contacts in row (of both safety relays ever 1 normally open contact)
Option... M (not with... S) expenditure for measured value+++serial expenditure for measured value of the highest darkened eye of the ULVT/BLVT-Light grid barriers RS 485 interface/9600 Baud, 1Startbit, 1Stopbit
Option... S (not with... M) serial expenditure of the display data-++serial expenditure of the messages RS 485 interface for status/error messages/9600 Baud, 1Startbit, 1Stopbit
Option... P a) 11 BLVT kinds of protection field fading out b) selector switch enterprise modes of operation/kinds of protection field fading out store and again call up-++a) with more regular or frequently changed fading out. The protection field fading out in the Light grid barriers takes place by operation of a key-Schwitch b) selector switch enterprise switching between up to 5 PLSG modes of operation and/or up to 5 protection field kinds of fading out of the BLVT bLVT-Lichtgitters with selector switch

Technical Data

safety class::Typ 4 according to EN 954-1 and EN 61496-1
Protection/enclosure:Housing Box IP 40, Connector IP 20
Protection class:isolated
Ambient Operation temperature:-10 to +55 °C
Operation voltage:24 V DC, ±20%, (SELV) The external Operation voltage must bridge a power failure of 20 ms in accordance with EN60204
outputs:OSSD 1 und 2: fail safe PNP-outputs, max. 0,5 A, cross-currents and side-currents passages monitoring OSSD3 (Kat 3 only by operation with OSSD1 and OSSD2!):2-kanalig headed for,PNP-Output, max. 0,5 A
max. response time:after interruption of the protctive field of the snapped-on XLVT : 3,5 ms + rsponse time XLVT
after interruption of the emergency OFF circuit: 30 ms if both circuits open i.e. 63 ms if in case of malfunction only one circuit opens 
If function is selected: OSSD 2-breaking delay = 0,5 s!
inputs:0V until 24 V DC +-20% / 10 mA, min. 15 V for detection of high
Externeal Muting lamp:24V max. 0,5 A, min 50 mA
Override state:max. 35 s
Minimum time for cycle
count reset:
30 ms


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Safety controller PLSG K

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