Pressbrake safety system AKAS®-II

The Pressbrake safety System AKAS meets the safety requirements of category 4 according to EN 954 and prEN 61496, and the most recent requirements of prEN 12622.
Safety integrity level SIL 3 (IEC 61508) 
Performance Level PL e (ISO 13849-1)
Safety category Kat 4 (EN 954-1)


Problem solving

Description of function

The AKAS®-II transmitter gereates two modulated visible red laser beams. The AKAS®-II receiver consists of three detecting elements and of one evaluation unit.

Technical data

Standard travel distance of support: 150 - 200 mm; special travel distance on demand.



AKAS-3PM /-3PFOperating instructionPDFPDFPDFPDF-----
AKAS-3M /-3F /-IIM /-IIF /-LCM /-LCFOperating instructionPDFPDFPDFPDF-PDF--PDF
AKAS-LC II M / -LC II FOperating instructionPDFPDF-------
AKASAppliance descriptionPDFPDF-PDF-----
Foot pedal for AKASAppliance descriptionPDFPDF-------
AKAS mounting kitManual of the mounting kit for AKASPDF--------
AKAS CAD drawingsAKAS CAD drawings dxf and pdfFILE
AKAS3 STEP drawingsAKAS3-transmitter/receiver/mounting kit/swiveling adaptorFILE
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