Hole detecting device GLSL


  • Holes detection ≥1mm
  • Monitoring width to 2,8
  • Sensitivity adjustable
  • Compact design
  • High scanning speed

Function description

Sensitivity is so adjustable that also smallest holes (≥1mm Ø) can be entered.
With the occurrence of a hole the output transistors conduct the relay and the LED " hole detected " light up.

Hole size

The hole size which can be adjusted with the potentiometer " hole size " to values from ≥ 1mm to approx. ≤ 15mm. With increasing light permeability of the used material the range of adjustment removes the hole size.

Operating modes

dynamic material adaption:

Translucent materials:
This operating mode is suitable only for translucent materials.
The device fits itself translucent materials automatically on thereby can equal large holes with different-translucent Materials (e.g. different types of paper) with the same hole size adjustment to be entered. The permeability of the passing material is measured and stored. This value serves as reference for the adjustment of the sensibility.

With this operating mode it is important that the material which can be tested is in motion. With deadlock takes place no analysis!

Tape rate of

Those max. tape rate depends on the hole size which can be entered.
With increasing tape rate sensitivity removes. There is tape rates to approx. 30m/s attainable.

Technical data

The standard execution is equipped with transistor outputs (PNP and NPN). When desired a relay output is available. Delay time at the transistor outputs is approx. 1ms. With the relay output is built in a switch-off delay of approx. 200ms.

Adjustable mounting options and t-slot grooves on the rear side of the device enable a flexible mounting.
The housings are flat mounted in the distance from approx. 50-100mm.
The material tape which can be tested should be for instance in the center between transmitter and receivers. The tape must cover the total width of the controllfield. An overlap of approx. 15mm is to be observed. With narrower tapes the free sections of the receiver are to be covered.

The connection is made by 6pol. Plug-in connections. When mounting the GLSL take care, that both housing pups are not torresed


TypSensing Width mmOverall length transmitter mmOverall length receiver mm
GLSL 200200321338
GLSL 400400521538
GLSL 600600721738
GLSL 800800921938
GLSL 1000100011211138
GLSL 1200120013211338
GLSL 1400140015211538
GLSL 1600160017211738
GLSL 1800180019211938
GLSL 2000200021212138
GLSL 2200220022002338
GLSL 2400240025212538
GLSL 2600260027212738
GLSL 2800280029212938


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Hole detecting device

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