Scanning light curtain MLVT


  • parallel scanning - therefore no error of measurement
  • high speed scanning, reaction times only 1,2 ms to 10,3ms depending on construcional length
  • beam spacing only 7,5 mm (0,29 in.)
  • protective system IP 65
  • scasnning lentghs 100 mm up to 1900 mm in steps of 100 mm
  • operating range 7 m
  • small guards/valves directly connectable
  • 2 short-circuit-safe non-equivalent semiconductor outputs, PNP, connecting capacity 0,5A/24V
  • serial interface (RS343c) for IPC or SPS (optional interface converter)

Function Description

Several parallel light beams with a beam spacing of 7,5mm are controlled by a single-chip micro controller. One by one, all emitting diodes are checked. Therefore, a verification of the present status all diodes is realized. Via a serial interface, these data can be processed further.


Serial RS 232C interface. Simple and easy-to-handle connection to SPS or to a PC. 
On reception of a demanding signal issued by thecomputer or by the SPS, the receiver emits the number of the blanked emitting diodes ( or interrupted light beams) in binary code (polling). For special purposes, an interface converter for the conversion of RS 485 to RS 232C or Profibus-DP field bus is available.

Technical Data

Aluminium-profile, anodized or plastic laminated RAL yellow 1020, end pieces consists of acid proof plastics (polyamide) reinforced by glass globes. Light emerging and reentry areas made of plexiglass, optional solvent-proof silikate glass windows.


Order Codesensor field heights mmoverall length (mm)max. reaction time(ms)
MLVT 100/131001961,2
MLVT 200/262002961,7
MLVT 300/393003962,2
MLVT 400/524004962,7
MLVT 500/655005963,2
MLVT 600/786006963,7
MLVT 700/917007964,2
MLVT 800/1048008964,7
MLVT 900/1179009965,2
MLVT 1000/130100010965,7
MLVT 1100/143110011966,2
MLVT 1200/156120012966,7
MLVT 1300/169130013967,2
MLVT 1400/182140014967,8
MLVT 1500/195150015968,3
MLVT 1600/208160016968,8
MLVT 1700/221170017969,3
MLVT 1800/234180018969,8
MLVT 1900/2471900199610,3


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Scanning light curtain

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