Loop sensor GSD II


  • Contactless, opto-electronic
  • measurement principle
  • Measurement visulization by LED-line
  • Foreignlight-safely by chopped-light
  • Reinforcement, delay and zero point adjustable
  • Voltage and current output
  • Range to 4m
  • All components are pluggable
  • Compact housing 

Function description

The analog sensor supplies the input signal for variable-speed drive. So a constant dip is achieved. The sensor measures the dip of a band material and supplies proportionally to darkening a similar output signal.


The transmitter depending upon model invisible infra-red chopped light or visible light of fluorescent tube.


High foreign light security, only the chopped-light of the transmitter will be analysed. The measuring signal is visualized by a LED line.

Technical data

For optimal adaption to different operating conditions, special designs are possible range, protective system and output voltage can be adapted to your request at a few expenditure.


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