Sentinel traffic lights for the identification, verification and control of visitor flows in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic



Product Features:

  • Determination, verification and control of the permitted number of visitors per sales area also with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Detection of visitor flows at up to 6 entrances/exits by direct coupling of RAZL-2 guard lights.
  • Entry authorization display integrated as traffic light and optionally activatable acoustic warning (when exceeding the permitted number of persons).
  • Use in existing WLAN infrastructure possible. This function can be activated by a chargeable upgrade.
  • Customizable display of access authorization / number of visitors on network-enabled display devices with a web browser such as smart TVs or tablets.
  • Expandable with WLAN-capable relays, e.g. for automatic blocking of the entrance-side door opening.
  • Configuration of the RAZL-2 is done via WLAN capable end device with a web browser such as laptop, computer or smartphone (platform independent).
  • Exportable detailed visitor statistics in Excel file format. When using multiple RAZL-2, the data per column is listed in a 5-minute grid. Thus, visitor flows can be analyzed.
  • Exportable statistics on the maximum number of visitors to prove compliance with Corona regulations.
  • Easy floor mounting of the columns possible.
  • Simple electrical installation. Only one ~230V socket is required.

Application examples for the customer meter RAZL 2COV

Possible areas of application for the RAZL-2:


Retail/wholesale such as supermarkets, bakeries, drugstores, furniture stores, car dealerships, gas stations or storefronts.


  • Medical practices
  • Clinics
  • Libraries
  • Public institutions such as citizens' offices or district administration offices.
  • Security areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Canteens
  • Toilet facilities
  • trade fairs
  • and much more...


Customized modifications are possible on request, as development and sales are done directly by the manufacturer (Made in Germany).

Thus, the system can be adapted to special applications e.g. more than 6 inputs / outputs.







Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising with the RAZL 2COV customer counter


If advertising has been placed, the effectiveness of the advertising can be monitored by observing the conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the ratio of your customers to the actual buyers


  • The RAZL 2COV customer counter supplies the customer numbers with time stamp
  • The number of buyers is provided by your POS system










Sentinel traffic light- RAZL-2CO

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operating instructionsPDFPDF-PDFPDFPDF--
Product videoVideoVideo------
CAD data of the RAZL 2CO columns (step, jpg, pdf)FILE
Current device software. Prerequisite for this update is the device software (server version) V2.2.55Update_V2.3.40 FILE
Obsolete version, required if the device software (server version) is older than V2.2.55Update_V2.2.55 FILE
Veraltete Version, wird benötigt wenn bei einem Update die Gerätesoftware (Server Version) älter als V2.0.2161 istUpdate_V1_2.0.2161 FILE


Guard traffic light for access control

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