Sentinel traffic lights for the identification, verification and control of visitor flows in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic



 Easy installation through standalone solution:

  • Entry authorization display integrated as traffic light.
  • integrated warning horn, which sounds in the event of access violation (when a person enters although the red traffic light is on).
  • Automatic blocking of the entrance-side door opening Activation of the automatic door opening can be switched off directly (as long as the red light is on).
  • Simple floor mounting as column.
  • Simple electrical installation. Only a ~115V/~230V socket is required.
  • Simple setting of the permitted number of persons per app.
  • No connection to computer or network necessary.
  • Compliance with the regulations of the GDPR. No data protection problems, since no image recording (not even internal).
  • Customer-specific modifications possible, as development and sales directly by manufacturer (Made in Germany).


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Guard traffic light for access control

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