Snap-On Relay Output Module LSRA

The standard safety light barriers of the ULVT and BLVT series are equipped with electronical semiconductor outputs. In order to directly connect the barriers to the outputs using higher currents, i.e. higher voltages, a snapon relay output module has been developed. Both potential-free relay outputs of the LSRA provide an easy-to-install serial connection of several safety light barriers or safety sensors. By the use of the snap-on relay output module LSRA, the safety light barriers of the ULVT and BLVT series can be connected to a multitude of safety bus nodes.


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Deflecting mirror

Column Fastening

In order to instal the photoelectric controls in the middle of the room, fastening columns are deliverable for mirrors and photoelectric controls. These columns can particulary ease assembly in the safeguarding of entrance areas.


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Laser Adjustment Aid


Guard LSUW

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