System description of the safety controller FMSC

FMSC the Safety PLC from Fiessler Elektronik

Fiessler Elektronik has consequently implemented its more than 60 years of experience and know-how with the new and configurable modular FMSC safety controller. The development not only focused on the high standard of safety but also on how to simply and rapidly implement projects. Miscellaneous functionalities, such as creating combinations, make it easier for the user to program the safety controller. Already created projects can also be comprehensively documented. Rapid response times as well as the safety-oriented monitoring of up to 17 axes round off the profile of the new FMSC safety control.

The modular structure of the FMSC system family ensures that the most efficient hardware solutions will always be found for a monitoring task. The variations Eco, Basic, Advanced and Professional provide a selection of different master devices with a respectively different range of functions. The corresponding functionalities are simply integrated or configured with the programming software, FMSC Studio. The system can be expanded at any time with up to 16 expansion modules. As a result, up to 204 digital inputs and up to 153 digital outputs are available today. And up to 17 axes can be monitored for safety. The compact design makes it easy to integrate the safety control in new systems as well as for retrofitted systems.



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