EMC service

Our sound knowledge and extensive, matured technology in the field of EMC makes us the ideal provider of EMC advice and EMC measuring services. To allow Fiessler customers to benefit from EMC-stable solutions, we operate our own in-house EMC laboratory approved by the TÜV test inspectorate, and take the EMC factor into account in all our development work. This is why EMC protection is built into Fiessler light barriers as standard – a rarity in our sector of industry.


EMC services

  • Anechoic chamber with fully equipped EMC lab
  • Assistance in CE marking in compliance with the EMC Act with our automated EMC test facilities
  • Automated EMC emission measurements
  • Automated EMC electromagnetic field immunity tests / EN 61000-4-3
  • Automated EMC HF conducted disturbance tests / EN 61000-4-6
  • Burst, ESD and surge
  • If required, suppression service by experienced EMC specialists

Practically tried and tested EMC software is used to control the measurement sequences known by experience to be the most time-consuming, so saving valuable time and costs. 


We offer you the use of our facilities, enable EMC testing in accordance with the standards EN 50081-1-2 and EN 50082-1- 2 and provide valuable services surrounding the CE marking of your devices.

Interference immunity:  

For verifying the interference immunity of your devices:


  • Burst measuring station (1x16A)
  • ESD measuring station
  • Surge measuring station (16A)
  • Computer-controlled HF conducted disturbance - EN 61000-4-6 using 10V generator idle voltage
  • Computer-controlled HF electromagnetic field immunity - EN 61000-4-3, also pulsed at 900MHZ up to 10V/m. Our anechoic chamber measures 4.5Mx4.2Mx2M (LxWxH). The maximum test specimen size is 1.25Mx1Mx0.8M (LxWxH).
  • Standardized computer-controlled measurement of radio disturbance voltage with the aid of grid simulation (1x16A) and test receiver.
  • Time-saving computer-controlled pre-measurement of radio disturbance field intensity in our anechoic chamber. If required, precise standardized measurement of radio disturbance field intensity at our 10m free field measuring station.
  • Measurement of the shielding attenuation of shielded housings in accordance with standard VG 95737