Loop sensor CCD


  • Position detection of wires starting from a diameter of 0,3mm
  • Contactless, opto-electronic measurement principle
  • High accuracy by CCD-line
  • Measurement visualized by LED line
  • Automatic contrast alignment
  • Universal assembly through t-slot grooves on 3 housing sides

Function description

The output supplies 0-20V similarly to the position of shading the receiver element of the CCD-loopsensor.
For the position signal the upper edge of the wire is determining. For creating a homogenius light the transmitter is equipped with frequency driven, flourescent lamp.

Technical data

Transmitter:230 V AC (approx. 200 mA)
Receiver:24 V DC (approx. 100 mA)
Connection:Plug-in connection with screw connection
Ambient temperature:-10 °C bis 50 °C
Outputs:similar output signal 0-20V / 4-20mA / 0-10V
optionally also different output voltages
Protective system:IP 54; optionally IP 65


TypeMeasuring box height approx..distance (emitter/receiver)max. resolution
(wire sizes)
Type of light-emitter
CCD-D355250 mm400 mm1,2 mmCCD-S355
CCD-D505385 mm600 mm1,8 mmCCD-S505
CCD-D685490 mm800 mm2,5 mmCCD-S685
CCD-D895615 mm1000 mm3,0 mmCCD-S895


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CCD loop sensor

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